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2.7 One-Stop Operators (OSOs) | 2.7.1 Procurement of the One-Stop Operator(s)

2.7.1 Procurement of the One-Stop Operator(s)

Effective date: October 1, 2020

The local WDB, with the agreement of the Chief Elected Official (CEO), must competitively procure one-stop operator(s) for its Job Center(s) or One-Stop Delivery System at least once every four years.1 Procurement activities must be compliant with local procurement policies and procedures and the principles of competitive procurement in the Uniform Guidance parts 2 CFR §§ 200.318 through 200.326.2 The competitive procurement process for the OSO must be documented in writing and must:

Consistent with Uniform Guidance, procurement methods may include:

The procurement process must clearly identify a scope of work and budget for the OSO function. The budget must include a sufficient amount of funding to account for staffing the required functions outlined in the scope of work; at minimum the budget must include at least $3500.5 The cost of the OSO contract may be cost-shared among one-stop partners through the One-Stop Delivery System Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) local negotiation process.

The local WDB may procure a single OSO to operate one or more Job Centers within the local area, or multiple OSOs to operate specific job centers within the local area.6 DWD-DET strongly encourages the procurement of a single OSO in each local area or planning region. Identifying a single OSO in each local area allows the local WDB to streamline its contracting and oversight responsibilities, while ensuring consistent integrated service delivery throughout its various locations among all required and additional one-stop partners.