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2.3 Customer Populations | 2.3.3 Job Seekers

2.3.3 Job Seekers

Effective date: August 1, 2020

Services are provided through the one-stop delivery system to individuals seeking employment opportunities. WIOA places emphasis on serving the following populations: Youth and Young Adults

Services to youth and young adults, both in-school and out-of-school, are provided through the one-stop delivery system.

WIOA Title I Youth Program staff will partner and collaborate with other core program staff including those who work in Titles II, III, and IV programs, as well as the Departments of Public Instruction, Children and Families, and Corrections to develop the materials, information, and trainings pertaining to WIOA youth that will be provided to appropriate Job Center staff. This type of cross-training will increase staff knowledge and understanding of the youth coming into the Job Center looking for programs and services, as well as create opportunities for youth participants that have different skills and experience levels. Individuals with Barriers to Employment

WIOA places high priority on serving individuals with barriers to employment.1 Please see Policy 11.13 for a full definition of individuals with barriers to employment.

DWD-DET requires career planners to collect information on individuals' barriers to employment at program intake and document them appropriately in the participant file and ASSET. Barriers should be considered in determining appropriate employability plans and service strategies for one-stop delivery system customers but should not prevent customers from accessing services from any appropriate programs. Identifying barriers can help establish WIOA Title I Youth Program eligibility, WIOA Title I Adult Program priority of service, and can impact negotiated levels of performance via the Statistical Adjustment Model.