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2.3 Customer Populations | 2.3.2 Employers

2.3.2 Employers

Effective date: August 1, 2020

Employer Services, also known as Business Services, are provided through the one-stop delivery system1 to all interested employers, including small businesses and organizations representing businesses. In particular, employers in in-demand industry sectors or occupations should be targeted to receive services from the local one-stop delivery system.

All business services and strategies must be reflected in the Local Plan.

Effectiveness in Serving Employers is tracked as a primary indicator of performance under WIOA and must be documented in Job Center of Wisconsin Business.

In-Demand Occupation

Effective date: April 29, 2019

An "in-demand occupation" is:

  1. an occupation in an industry sector that:
    • has substantial current or potential impact (including through jobs leading to economic self-sufficiency and opportunities for advancement) on the state, regional, or local economy, and
    • contributes to the growth or stability of other supporting businesses, or the growth of other industry sectors;

  2. an occupation that currently has or is projected to have a number of positions (including positions leading to economic self-sufficiency and opportunities for advancement) in an industry sector so as to have a significant impact on the state, regional, or local economy.

The Wisconsin Governor's Council on Workforce Investment or local WDB determines if an industry sector or occupation is in-demand, using state and regional business and labor market projections, including the use of labor market information.

WIOA Sec. 3(23)