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2.2 Design and Organization | 2.2.2 One-Stop Partners

2.2.2 One-Stop Partners

Effective date: August 1, 2020

Entities that receive funding through the following programs are required to participate in the one-stop delivery system:1

NOTE: The entity is the grant recipient, administrative entity, or organization responsible for administering the funds of the specified program in the local area. This does not include the service providers that contract with, or are sub-recipients of, the local administrative entity. For programs that do not include a local administrative entity, the responsible state agency is the partner.4

If the required program or activity is not operational in a local area, the requirements relating to the required one-stop partner are not applicable to that program or activity in that local one-stop delivery system.5

With the approval of the local WDB and chief elected official (CEO), other entities may participate as optional partners in the one-stop delivery system, including:

Partners within the one-stop delivery system make services available on-site, via the use of technology, and/or via formalized referral processes. The methods partners use to provide services and coordinate with each other, including required resource sharing, are documented in the one-stop delivery system Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) (see Section 2.6 of this chapter).

All required partners must use a portion of their program funds to maintain the one-stop delivery system, including jointly funding Job Center infrastructure, based on each partner's proportionate use of and relative benefit from the one-stop delivery system. The allocation methodologies and partners' individual contributions must be documented in the One-Stop Delivery System MOU.6

The local Workforce Development Board (WDB) for each local workforce development area (WDA) is the primary convener of these partners and has responsibility to ensure that required partners are included in the one-stop delivery system.

NOTE: The local WDB is not a one-stop partner, unless it is a specific program provider as well.7