WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual
Ch.2) The One-Stop (Job Center) Delivery System

2.2.1 Overview

Effective date: August 1, 2020

The one-stop delivery system is comprised of a network of physical one-stop job center locations throughout the state, as well as virtual resources available through the Job Center of Wisconsin website. This one-stop delivery system includes six core programs and other required and optional partners identified in WIOA and Wisconsin's WIOA State Plan. The six core programs are:

  • Title I Adult program, Dislocated Worker program, and Youth program;
  • Title II Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) program;
  • Title III Wagner-Peyser Employment Services Act program; and
  • Title IV Vocational Rehabilitation Act program.1

Within the one-stop delivery system these partners work together to operate programs that provide integrated services to a shared client-base that includes both employers and job seekers. Goals of the one-stop delivery system include:

  • Providing job seekers with the skills and credentials necessary to secure and advance in employment with family-sustaining wages;
  • Providing access and opportunities to all job seekers, including individuals with barriers to employment,2 to prepare for, obtain, retain, and advance in high-quality jobs and high-demand careers;
  • Enabling employers to easily identify and hire skilled workers and access other supports including education and training for their current workforce;
  • Participating in rigorous evaluations that support continuous improvement of one-stop centers by identifying effective strategies to best serve different populations; and
  • Ensuring that high-quality integrated data is available to job seekers, employers, and policymakers so they can make informed decisions.3

Management of the one-stop delivery system is the shared responsibility of the state, local workforce development boards (WDBs), elected officials, the core WIOA programs, other required partners, and contracted one-stop job center operators.4