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1.5 WIOA Regional and Local Plans | 1.5.2 Local Planning

1.5.2 Local Planning

Effective date: July 1, 2020

Each local WDB, in partnership with its CEO, must develop and submit to the DWD-DET a comprehensive four-year Local Plan that must support the strategy described in the State Plan, and otherwise be consistent with the State Plan.1 This Local Plan is an opportunity for local WDBs to identify current and future strategies and efficiencies to address the continuing modernization of the workforce system and creation of a customer-centered system where the needs of workers and businesses drive workforce solutions, where One-Stop Job Centers provide excellent customer service to all job seekers and businesses, and where the workforce system supports strong regional economies as well as alignment with updated state and local priorities. Local Plans should be based on current and projected needs of the workforce investment system, as a whole. The needs of job seekers, incumbent workers, youth, and businesses should be considered in every step of the planning process. The WDB must maintain a "big picture" view of the system-wide needs of the local Workforce Development Area (WDA) and its relationship to the state vision, rather than focusing on programmatic and operational details. To that end, the Local Plan must be developed with input from local workforce development system stakeholders.2 An atmosphere of collaboration and partnership and an emphasis on enhancing the entire system rather than categorical programs, is to be the outcome of this planning process.

At the commencement of each four-year local planning cycle and two-year modification cycle, DWD-DET will issue specific guidance detailing Local Plan requirements, submission deadlines, and other pertinent information.