WIOA Title I-A & I-B Policy & Procedure Manual
Ch. 1) Administration and Governance

1.4 Local Workforce Development Boards (Local WDBs)

1.4.1 Summary

Effective date: July 1, 2017

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires the establishment of one local workforce development board (local WDB) in each local area of the State. 1 The chief elected official (CEO) in each local area is required to appoint the members of the local WDB within that area, in accordance with the criteria established in this policy. 2

Each local WDB must be certified by the State upon initial establishment, and must be recertified once every two years thereafter. 3 To become initially certified, and to gain biennial recertification, the local WDB must satisfy certain membership requirements.

Once established and certified each local WDB is required to carry out specific functions as defined in WIOA Section 107(d) and clarified in Subpart C—Local Workforce Development Boards of the WIOA Final Rule. 4 Biennial recertification is dependent upon the success of the local WDB in carrying out those functions.