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September 2021 – Safety Blog

National Preparedness Month | National Farm Safety & Health Week | Construction Suicide Prevention Week | SAMHSA Addiction Recovery Month | School Zone Distractions Prevention | Concussions/Eye/Food Safety

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Safety Corner, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Division of Worker's Compensation (DWD/WC) safety blog! I'm using this forum to share some of the current, pertinent safety news and information that I receive from my network of workplace safety professionals and pass along to employers and organizations across Wisconsin.

As Hurricane Ida has recently demonstrated across the Central-Southeastern USA, being prepared for emergencies is an ever-present concern. National Preparedness Month (NPM) is an observance each September to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. The 2021 theme is "Prepare to Protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love." Check out the NPM web site for weekly activities and ideas to improve your odds during natural disasters and emergencies - Make a Plan; Build a Kit; Low-No Cost Preparedness; Teach About Preparedness – at - National Preparedness Month - September

September also features National Farm Safety and Health Week which falls on the third week this September (Sept. 19-25). Daily Topics of Farm Safety Focus include:

Check out additional suggested daily discussion topics, safety resources, and free webinars at The National Education Center for Agriculture Safety web site - National Farm Safety and Health Week. These safety resources include 7 Public Service Announcements on topics such as - Tractors, PTO, Rural Road, Sun, Fatigue, Children, and Anhydrous Ammonia Safety. Additional video safety links cover ATV, Augers, Chain Saw, Electrical, Emergency Planning and Grain Bin safety.

Construction Industry Suicide Prevention Week/Month - Every year, during September — National Suicide Prevention Month — the construction industry dedicates a week – Sept. 6-10 - to raising awareness about the unique challenges workers face in construction that lead to suicide and what we can do to prevent it. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention the Construction Industry has emerged as having the highest number of suicides across all occupational groups.

¹ The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) was born out of necessity in response to a statistics released in a CDC study ¹ ranking construction as the #1 industry for deaths by suicide. To combat these statistics, contractors, unions, associations, industry service providers and project owners must work together to STAND ² up for suicide prevention during the month.

Construction Suicide Prevention
Construction Suicide Prevention Alliance
Construction Suicide Prevention_STAND UP_Campaign

While August 31st was International Overdose Awareness Day, September's focus is on Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery. Check out the SAMHSA.gov web site for resources. including an addiction Recovery Tool Kit to promote Drug and Alcohol recovery - SAMHSA-Addiction Recovery Month – Recovery month Toolkit - Download Toolkit (PDF | 5.1 MB)

Continuing on with last month's "Back to School Checklist" theme, increased traffic volumes, distractions and congestion in and around school zones is an ongoing safety concern for Students and Divers alike. The National Safety Council offers guidance on "Slowing Down – Sharing the Road" with buses, bicyclists and pedestrians in and near school zones - NSC-School Zone Driver Safety Tips.

School student pedestrians and Drivers alike need to avoid distractions and be aware of their surroundings in school zones. Cell phones can be an especially deadly distraction. Year round "Heads Up-Phone Down" safety tips can be accessed at - NSC-School Zones_Head Up-Phone Down Campaign. A recent survey found that half of teens say they cross the street while distracted by a mobile device. Check out teens' perspectives and solutions at - NSC- Kids.org_Gary Street-Distracted Walking.

Miscellaneous additional September Safety Campaigns of interest include:

As a "look ahead" preview, October includes National Fire Prevention Week (NFPA) and Fire Prevention Month (NSC.) October is also National School Bus Safety Month, Protect Your Hearing and Substance Abuse Prevention month. More to follow in next month's DWD Safety Blog.

Have a Safe Day, Always!!

Dave Leix, CSP, Safety & Risk Manager - Bio: Dave Leix - CSP, Safety & Risk Manager

¹ https://constructionsuicideprevention.com/

² https://preventconstructionsuicide.com/STAND_UP_for_Suicide_Prevention

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