Examples of Simple Finger Injury Calculations

For these examples, we assumed the injury took place in January 2010 and the employee is entitled to the maximum rate of $282.00.

(view Maximum Weekly PPD Rates for other dates of injury)

PPD rating by doctor: 1% to the distal joint, left ring finger, and 4% to the middle joint, left ring finger:

Start with the most distal joint (in this case, the distal joint):

1% X 6 weeks (per schedule) = .06 weeks (distal joint)

Then, subtract the .06 weeks from 15 weeks (ring finger, middle joint, per schedule)= 14.94 weeks

14.94 weeks X 4% (for middle joint rating) = .6 weeks

plus 20% of .06 weeks (the equal or lesser injury)=.01 weeks

.06 wks (distal) + .6 wks (middle) + .01 wks (multiple) = .67 weeks X $282.00=$188.94

PPD rating by doctor: "Only related to loss of PIP joint extension;" left little finger, middle joint lacks 11 degrees extension. Uninjured right little finger has range of motion (rom) of 0 to 90 degrees at middle joint:

11/90 (normal rom) =.122, or 12.2%

12.2% loss of extension, middle joint is equal to 3% loss of use per DWD 80.32

3% X 16 weeks (per schedule) =.48 weeks

.48 weeks X $282.00 = $135.36

PPD rating by doctor: right index finger 45 degrees loss of flexion at the proximal joint, plus an additional 2% for loss of sensation; right middle finger 5% at the proximal joint for loss of sensation; Uninjured left index finger has rom of 0 to 90 degrees at proximal joint:

45/90 (normal rom) =.5, or 50%

50% loss of flexion, index finger proximal joint is equal to 25% loss of use per DWD 80.32

25% + 2% (for additional assigned by doctor) = 27% loss of use 

27% X 50 weeks (per schedule) = 13.5 weeks

5% X 35 weeks (per schedule) = 1.75 weeks (right middle finger rating)

plus 100% of 1.75 weeks (the equal or lesser injury)= 1.75 weeks

13.5 wks (rt index prox) + 1.75 wks (rt middle finger prox) + 1.75 weeks (multiple) =17 wks X $282.00 = $4794.00

*PPD is to be paid at a rate of $1222.00 a month until sum of it has been paid.

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