Worker's Compensation Insurance Letters, 1999 - 2002

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INS 442, 12/20/02 Wage Information Compliance 
INS 441, 12/27/02 FY2003 Worker's Compensation Administrative Assessment          
INS 440, 11/25/02
Worker's Compensation Maximum Wage Rates
INS 439, 11/4/02 Update of Designated Single Claims-Handling Mailing Addresses
INS 438, 09/13/02 WKC-7359 Internet Submission of Temporary Partial Disability Worksheet, WKC-7359 and Modified Paper Format of the Worksheet
INS 437, 05/24/02 Internet Submission of Wage Information Supplement, WKC-13-A and Claim Search Feature 
INS 436, 12/27/01 FY 2002 Worker's Compensation Administrative Assessment 
INS 435, 12/27/01 WKC-140 Announcing the maximum wage and rate changes for 2002 
INS 434, 11/20/01 Internet Submission of First Report of Injury, WKC-12
INS 433, 11/20/01

WKC-12 & WKC-13

Revisions to First Report of Injury, WKC-12 and Supplemental Reports, WKC-13
INS 432, 09/20/01 Reporting Threats or Potentially Threatening Situations 
INS 431, 08/08/01 Three Day Waiting Period and Automated Claims Management System   &  3 Day Waiting Period 
INS 430, 04/27/01 Change in Automated Payment for the 3-day Waiting Period 
INS 429, 04/06/01 Change in Automated Payment for the 3-day Waiting Period 
INS 428, 04/06/01 Change in Automated Payment for the 3-day Waiting Period  &
3-day Waiting Period 
INS 427, 03/01/01
Replaced by Insurance Letter 435
Worker's Compensation Rate Changes
INS 426, 02/23/01 Update of Designates Single Claims-Handling Mailing Address 
INS 425, 02/08/01 Internet Submission of Supplemental Reports, Form WKC13. 
INS 424, 12/19/00
Replaced by Insurance Letter 435
Supplemental Benefits Payments under s. 102.44(1), Wis. Stats. 
INS 423, 12/22/00 Timeliness of First Indemnity Payments 
INS 422, 12/15/00 Decertification of Caredata.Com Health Cost Fee Database  &
Certified Database List 
INS 421, 12/15/00
Replaced by Insurance Letter 435
Private Vocational Rehabilitation Monetary Limitations 
INS 420, 12/08/00 Final Reminder to Submit Required Reports by January 1, 2001 
INS 419, 12/15/000 FY2001 Administrative Assessment 
INS 418, 09/15/00 Timely Submission of Reports to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) 
INS 417, 08/21/00 Interpretation Change to minimum Permanent Disability
INS 416, 08/10/00 Temporary Change for Receiving Vocational Rehabilitation
INS 415, 07/14/00 Modified Procedures for Claims Management 
02/17/00 -- INS 414, Revisions to Procedures for Enforcing Forfeitures Revised Forfeiture Procedures 
02/17/00 -- INS 413, Changes to the Requirements for Supplementary
Medical Reports
Supplementary Medical Reports 
01/31/00 -- INS 412, Using the Internet to Access Confidential Information Log-on to View Various Reports 
12/20/99 -- INS 411, Annual Payment Adjustment for Private Vocational Services Payment Adjustment for Private Vocational Services
12/01/99 -- INS 410, New Compensation Limits for 2000 Maximum Compensation Rate Changes
12/01/99 -- INS 409, Form for 1999 Payments Supplemental Benefits Payments
12/29/99 -- INS 408, WC Administrative Assessment - FY2000 Announcing WC Administrative Assessment for FY2000
11/05/99 -- INS 407, Info About New Fax Number & Cover Sheet Announcing New Fax Number to Optical Imaging Server
09/21/99 -- INS 406, Info About the Pending Reports for Insurers and Claims Handling Offices Insurers' Pending Reports on the WC Web Site
06/09/99 -- INS 404, 2nd Request for Claims-Related Address 10-Day Notice for Mailing Address Information
07/19/99 -- INS 405, Web Site Access for Select Insurers and Claims Handling Offices
04/21/99 -- INS 403, Distribution of Paper Claims Handling Performance Indicator Claim Detail Performance Indicators
03/26/99 -- INS 402, Annual Update of Claims Mailing Address Updated Claims Handling Address
02/26/99 -- INS 401, Payments to the Supplemental Benefit Fund will resume 1/1/99 Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund
02/22/99 -- INS 400, Insurers' Claims Handling Performance will be published on our web site. Performance Indicators for Claims Handling
12/07/98 -- INS 399, Letter Explaining Assessment Rates for 1999 WC Administrative Assessment
02/26/99 -- INS 398, Adjustment to the $1,058 cap for private vocational rehabilitation services. Private Vocational Services
02/26/99 -- INS 397, Update on Supplemental Payments Reimbursement Supplemental Benefits Payments


Additional years available are 1998, 1997, 1996, and 1995.

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