Worker's Compensation Insurance Letters for 1998

11/24/98 -- INS 396, Increased maximum compensation for temporary total disability, permanent total disability and death benefits for injuries occurring on or after January 1, 1999. New Maximum Compensation Rate Chart
11/05/98 -- INS 395, Learn how easy it is to report claims electronically EDI Reporting
07/29/98 -- INS 394, Preparing Computer Systems for the Year 2000 Year 2000 Problem
06/11/98 -- INS 392, Instructions for downloading first payment promptness reports from the Internet Promptness Reports on Internet
04/23/98 - INS 390, Procedures to follow if a forfeiture is assessed Forfeiture Procedures
04/16/98 - INS 389, Retention of the WKC-12 Revisions to DWD Admin. Code 80.02
02/17/98 -- INS 387, Introduction of Revised Forms, WKC-12, WKC-13 and WKC-13-A Revised Forms To Accommodate Law Changes
02/06/98 - INS 386, Explanation of plans to improve written communications with insurance carriers and self-insured employers Correspondence Relating to Required Reports & for Claims Information
03/06/98 - INS 385, Letter w/invoice for company's assessment for administration costs for worker's compensation Worker's Compensation Administrative Assessment -- FY98
01/08/98 --INS 384, Introduction of revised WC Forms WKC-12, WKC-13 and WKC-13a to accommodate law changes effective January 1, 1998. Revised Forms

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