Worker's Compensation Insurance Letters

December 20, 1999 Ins. 411

To: Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carriers
Self-Insured Employers
Certified Private Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists

From: Judy Norman-Nunnery
Worker’s Compensation Division

Subject: Annual Payment Adjustment for Private Vocational Services

This letter is to inform you that there will be an adjustment to the $1,109 cap for private vocational rehabilitation services as specified in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, section DWD 80.49(7)(e) states:

Effective on the first day of January each year after 1995, the department shall adjust the $1,000 limit by the same percentage change as the average annual percentage change in the U. S. Consumer price index for all urban consumers, U. S. city average, as determined by the U. S. Department of Labor, for the twelve months ending on September 30 of the prior year. The Department shall notify insurance carriers, self-insured employers and specialists likely to be affected by the annual change in the limit.

The adjustment percentage change for the year 2000 payments to private vocational rehabilitation specialists will be 2.2%. The new payment limit is $1,133.00 for each date of injury. This increase applies if the specialist provides any service to the injured worker during 2000, regardless of the date of injury.

Information about this new vocational rehabilitation program as well as other Division of Worker’s Compensation services are available on its Web page:

Worker's Compensation Website

Thank you for your attention.

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