Worker's Compensation Insurance Letters

September 16, 1999 INS 406

TO: All Insurers and Claims Handling Offices

FROM: Judy Norman-Nunnery, Administrator

SUBJECT: Insurers’ Pending Reports on the WC Web Site

PURPOSE: Announce Web Site Publication of the Insurers’ Pending Reports

Information on Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation claims will become accessible to all insurers and claims administrators from the WC web site. Beginning October 4, 1999, an Insurers’ Pending Report will be published. During the next few weeks we will be testing this system with some select insurers. This report will provide information on required reports due to the Division for all open claims except those in litigation.

The purpose of the Insurer’s Pending Report is to provide you with early notice about required claim reports. This information can significantly help administrators improve their timeliness in submitting required reports and avoiding forfeitures.

You will be able to know which of your claims the Division has open, the specific required reports due to the Division, related claim information and prior claim actions. It incorporates an e-mail function that enables you to communicate directly with our staff about specific claim information. This function does not eliminate your responsibility to send the required reports when they are due. It is to be used to correct information or to inquire about claim status. This report is updated continuously as claims are processed and will reflect the claims’ most recent status.

This report replaces the Division’s former practice of mailing hard copy “courtesy” or warning notices and quarterly “monins” reports for required reports that were overdue. Forfeitures will be issued for overdue required reports without any mailed warning notices. However, additional time beyond the due date will be given for possible mail delays before forfeitures are issued.

While use of the Insurers’ Pending Report system is not necessary for claims administration, I strongly encourage any insurer with voluminous claims to provide claims-handling staff with web site access. Also, staff will need basic training to enable them to view claims and use the e-mail function to easily communicate with the Division. This report will be especially helpful to any claims office that has been relying on mailed warning notices before submitting required reports.

The report is encrypted and will require the use of passwords and log-on identifications. Many of you have received password and log-on identifications with the recent bulletin on Performance Indicators (INS Bulletin 405, July 19,1999). For all other insurers, your passwords and log-on identifications are enclosed.

You are responsible for the maintenance and security of your passwords and log-on identifications. If you lose or forget your password, you will need to contact the Division to “re-set” your password. This is done through confidential communications and requires verification of the identification of the requestor.

This communication and updates to it will be available at the WC web address under the "Bulletins and Directives to Insurers” menu option. To access the Insurers’ Pending Reports on the web site, use the “Insurers’ Pending Reports” menu option. If you have any concerns about the Insurers’ Pending Report system, contact Lee Shorey at (608) 267-9407, or e-mail him at

If you have questions about access to the web site or passwords, please contact Debra Hillmann at (608) 261-6533 or e-mail her at

Note: You can also e-mail Technical Support at Worker's Compensation at:

Enclosure: Passwords and Log-on Identifications for Insurers and Claims Administrators not included with INS Bulletin 405.

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