Determining Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

TPD is due whenever a worker who is otherwise eligible for compensation suffers a wage loss due to medical circumstances related to the injury that cause either:

Eligibility for TPD will change to TTD if the offer of restricted work is unreasonable.  Unreasonable work offers are those that impose undue or unreasonable hardship.  For example:

If the treating practitioner communicates the limited return to work restrictions only to the employer, the employee remains entitled to TTD until the employer contacts the employee to make the work offer.

TPD may be denied or suspended if the employee refuses to follow the Doctor's orders or fails to attend a medical examination that is reasonable.  In addition, compensation for temporary disability will be suspended for an employee who has been convicted of a crime, is incarcerated, and not available to return to work during the healing period. s. 102.43 (9) (d).  

If the employee takes vacation while on TPD, the TPD is paid based upon the amount paid the week prior to the vacation.

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