Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about the DWD/WI Logon Management System for accessing WC protected web sites

  1. Does using the DWD/WI Logon Management system entail any software implementation or upgrade on our part?

    No it does not. All that you need to do is have your Security Administrator set up his or her DWD\Wisconsin Logon account, activate the Security Administrator account (Security Administrator keys can be obtained by calling 608-266-1340), identify your Report Users, have them set up their DWD\Wisconsin Logon accounts, have them request access to the WC protected web sites from the Security Administrator and then the Security Administrator either grants or denies such access.

  2. What is a DWD\Wisconsin Logon Account?

    It is a personal Logon Account (maintained by the Department of Workforce Development) that allows you to do secure business over the Internet with DWD. You must set up such an account in order to be able to access WC protected web sites (i.e. the assessment reports, performance indicators, annual surcharge reports and the pending reports).

  3. What or who is a Security Administrator?

    This is someone in your company who will be granting people access to your company's WC protected web sites. The Security Administrator can also revoke access to these web sites at any time.

  4. What or who is a Report User?

    This is someone, either at your company or a Third Party Administrator/Claim Handling Office, who has a business need (such as claims processing) to access your company's WC protected web sites.

  5. What is an Activation Key?

    For the Security Administrator it is a unique alpha-numeric string of characters that is necessary to set up and designate the Security Administrator's account for accessing WC protected web sites as well as allowing the ability to generating report users keys.

    For a Report User it is a unique alpha-numeric string of characters generated by the Security Administrator, communicated to the Report User and then used by the latter to activate his or her access rights to the WC protected web sites for the company employing the Security Administrator.

  6. If I am the Security Administrator or Report User for more than one company, do I need to set up more than one DWD\Wisconsin Logon Account?

    No, you only need to set up one WI Login Account.