EDI Subsequent Reports FAQ

When an A49 IP is sent how is the date of first payment calculated?

We take the Maintenance_Type_Code_Date as the date of first payment.  This means that it is very important that the IP be sent out as soon as you issue the first indemnity check. Any delay in sending the IP may result in a late payment letter, even in cases where the claim is actually paid on time, if the delay is long enough to trigger such a letter.

If the A49 IP is Salary Continued and the payment is made after 14 days, is the payment late?

For Salary Continued (240) payments the date of first payment is recorded as the day after the LDW (last day worked), and the LDW is calculated from the Date Disability Began (which is a required field in an A49 IP transmission).  Salary Continued payments are not considered to be late, since the employer continued to pay the employee’s salary.  Remember that Salary Continued payments will not be accepted if the first payment amount is null or zero.

What is the lag time for transmitting formats 148 and A49?

The First Report must be sent within 14 days after the Last Day Worked (LDW), and the Initial Payment (IP) must be sent within 30 days of the LDW.  If you send data Friday night, we will load it to the database on Monday but use Friday’s date as the date received.

Do we need to send an Initial Payment (IP) transmission at the same time that we send the original 148 transmission?

No, you do not need to send these at the same time, since we process all of the 148 transmissions first and then all of the A49 transmissions.  If you only send 148 data we will accept it.

If a single transmission contains both the A49 IP and either the A49 S1 or FN will Wisconsin process the A49 IP first?

It depends on the order in your input file.  The input file is not sorted, so if you write out the IP transmission first, it will be processed first.  If they are out of order in the file, then they will not be correctly processed.

For more information about EDI Worker’s Compensation you can e-mail the EDI Coordinator or call (608) 267-6890.

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