EDI Electronic First Reports FAQ

If Wisconsin does not accept 148 AUs what do we do with these?

You will have to contact the EDI Coordinator directly.  He or she can then make the necessary changes to the claim.

What triggers for the 148 MTCs does Wisconsin want?

We only want you to send in claims where the employee missed more than three (3) days of work, not including a Sunday, or where there will be Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) to be assessed and paid at a later date.  This is the same standard as Internet first reports of injury.

What if we send in a claim and it turns out to be no lost time (NLT)?

If it is discovered that the claim is NLT and there will be no PPD, you can send in a 148 01 for the claim.  We interpret the 01 transaction code as no lost time, and we will close out the claim on our system as such if there are no actions required by our staff.  If the claim cannot be closed, the EDI Coordinator will review the claim and take necessary action to close the no lost time claim.

What if a claim, originally sent in and closed as NLT, needs to be reopened because the claimant is now losing time?

You can send an A49 IP for this claim; our load program will automatically reopen the claim and load the initial payment information.  In a scenario where the claim was previously denied (148 04), an A49 IP transmission will also reopen the claim since we take this as an indication that liability has now been accepted.

What is the lag time for transmitting formats 148 and A49?

Both the First Report and Initial Payment (IP) transmissions must be sent within 14 days after the Last Day Worked (LDW).  If you send data Friday night, we will load it to the database on Monday but use Friday’s date as the date received.

Do we need to send an Initial Payment (IP) transmission at the same time that we send the original 148 transmission?

No, you do not need to send these at the same time, since we process all of the 148 transmissions first and then all of the A49 transmissions.

For more information about EDI Worker’s Compensation you can e-mail the EDI Coordinator or call (608) 267-6890.

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