Worker's Compensation Advisory Council
Council on Worker’s Compensation
Crowne Plaza
Madison, Wisconsin
September 12, 2011

Members present:   Mr. Beiriger,  Mr. Brand,  Mr. Buchen,  Mr. Collingwood,  Ms. Connor,  Mr. Kent,  Mr. Metcalf,  Ms. Nugent,  Mr. Olson, Ms. Pehler and Mr. Schwanda

Excused:    Ms. Bloomingdale,  Mr. Redman, and Ms. Thomas 

Staff present:   Mr. O’Malley, Ms. Knutson, Mr. Aiello and Mr. Krueger

  1. Call to Order/Introductions:  Mr. Metcalf convened the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) meeting at approximately 9:00 a.m. in accordance with Wisconsin’s open meetings law.  WCAC members, staff and members of the audience introduced themselves. 
  2. Approval of Minutes:  Ms. Nugent moved to approve the minutes of the August 8, 2011 meeting with corrections to pages 2 and 7 (item #4) to delete reference to retirement benefits; second by Mr. Kent.  The minutes were unanimously approved as corrected.
  3. Correspondence:  Mr. O’Malley reported that no correspondence had been received since the last meeting.  The Health Care Provider Advisory Committee will begin meeting again.  Dr. Jurisic would like the committee to pursue changes to the Medical Treatment Guidelines addressing the use of narcotics for treatment of work injuries.  At the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) Annual Convention last month, there was an informative presentation dealing with the use of narcotics in treatment of injured workers and issues covered included: over-utilization, proper prescription protocols and monitoring employees’ compliance with the prescribed medication regimen.  The Medical Treatment Guidelines should be updated to reflect the current state-of-the-art treatment protocols for chronic pain and use of narcotics.  The WCAC was provided a copy of the PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Franklin, the medical director for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

  4. Report - Proposal Updates:  None.

  5.  Discussion of all proposals:  Mr. Kent requested a complete condensed list of the agreed Department proposals.

    Labor and Management adjourned to closed caucus and upon return, Mr. Kent reported that Labor and Management are making progress in negotiating the terms of an agreed bill.Labor and Management are discussing revised language for Management proposal #2 concerning an employer’s right to direct care. They are seeking comment from the insurance representatives and medical liaisons to the WCAC, as well as from the Department regarding the implementation of the draft proposal and suggestions to revise the proposal to reduce health care costs.

    Labor and Management also made progress on draft language to amend Wis. Stat. §102.56 concerning disfigurement claims.

    The Department provided cost estimates on permanent partial disability, supplemental benefits and other cost drivers in the worker’s compensation system.Mr. Beiriger commented that Management is focused on consideration of statutory changes that have an impact on market forces and employers directing the choice of treating doctor.

  6. Adjournment:   Motion by Mr. Beiriger, second by Mr. Kent to adjourn.  The motion carried unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:45 p.m.

    Next Meeting:  October 10, 2011 at 9:00 a.m.
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