Council on Worker's Compensation
Meeting Minutes of Teleconference
GEF-1 Building
Madison, Wisconsin
January 23, 2014

Members present: Mr. Kent in person: By Conference Telephone Call: Mr. Beiriger , Ms. Bloomingdale, Mr. Buchen, Mr. Ginsburg, Ms. Nugent,  Ms Pehler, Mr. Redman,  Ms. Seiler

Staff present: Mr. Aiello, Mr. Ezalarab, Mr. Krueger, Mr. Moreth and Mr. O'Malley

Excused: Mr. Brandl, Mr. Metcalf, Mr. Schwanda, and Ms. Thomas

  1. Call to Order/Introductions: Mr. Krueger, serving as acting Chair, convened the Worker's Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) teleconference at approximately 10:00 a.m. in accordance with Wisconsin's open meetings law. WCAC members, staff and members of the audience introduced themselves

  2. Approval of Minutes: Ms. Bloomingdale moved to approve the minutes of the January 13, 2014 meeting, seconded by Ms. Nugent. The minutes were unanimously approved without correction

  3. Draft Agreed Bill Review: The most recent draft bill(LRB-3729/P3) was discussed.  Mr. O'Malley stated the language changes suggested in his e-mail message of January 13th, 2014 and the changes agreed by the Council after the last meeting were included in this draft.

    On page 16, Section 13, for the amendment to s. 102.07 (12m) (a) 1, the draft included the qualification that the tribe controlling a Tribal College must have elected to become subject th CH. 102, Stats. The current draft included the qualification that the tribe controlling a Tribal College must have elected to become subject to Ch.102, Stats.

    On page 35, Section 48, in s. 102.423(1) (a) 2, for the proposed health service fee schedule,  the drafter included the terms average copayment, co-insurance and deductible payment

    On pages 44-45, Section 67, in s. 102.445 (2), for the proposed continuation of health care coverage, the drafter used the phrase, "the employer shall maintain that coverage at the level and under the conditions that the employer would have provided coverage if the employee had continued in employment continuously during that period of temporary disability".

    Mr. O'Malley stated that language in the draft on page 23, Section 27, s.102.18(1)(b)2, lines 15-21 need to be modified. Mr. O'Malley suggested deleting these lines and substituting the following, "or to pay for a future course of instructions or other rehabilitation training services provided under a rehabilitation training program developed under s.102.61(1) or (1m)."

    There was a motion by Mr. Kent, seconded by Mr. Beiriger to adopt the language changes suggested by Mr. O'Malley on page 23, Section 27. The motion carried unanimously.

    There was a motion by Mr. Beiriger, seconded by Ms. Bloomingdale for the Council to adopt bill draft (LRB-3729/P3) with the corrections suggested by Mr. O'Malley for the Council's agreed upon bill. The motion carried unanimously

  4. Adjournment: There was a motion to adjourn by Mr. Beiriger seconded by Mr. Buchen. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:20 a.m.
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