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Health Care Provider Advisory Council Agenda


January 23, 2015
10:00 a.m.


Aurora Medical Center in Summit - Gifford Room
36500 Aurora Drive
Summit, WI 53066



  1. Call to Order
    • John Metcalf
  2. Introductions
    • All
  3. Acceptance of October 17, 2014 meeting minutes
    • All
  4. Future Meeting Dates
    • All
  5. Unfinished Business

    a) Review of final draft of paper on chronic clinical opioid use guidelines

    b) HCPAC letter to WCAC about adopting reimbursement limits for compounding drugs.

    c) Wisconsin Medical Society medical education and professional development

    • All
  6. Proposals for legislative changes to the WCAC from the public
    • Jim O'Malley
  7. Status of updating minimum permanent disability ratings in s. DWD 80.32
    • Jim O'Malley
  8. Review of ch. DWD 81
    • All
  9. New Business
    • All
  10. Adjournment

Note: Directions to Aurora Medical Center in Summit and the Gifford Room

Take the first entrance off of Hwy 67 and turn to the left. You will see the Clinic Entrance - you may use the valet parking. There are volunteers throughout the first floor to answer any questions you have. The Gifford Room is on the first floor across from the library