Worker's Compensation Advisory Council -  Agreed Bill Summaries

The "agreed bill" concept is a long-standing tradition of the Council. As the name implies, Council members come to a consensual agreement to support the Council’s proposed changes in the Legislature and not to individually seek any changes to those proposals. Likewise, the Council members agree not to support any worker’s compensation law changes that have not been processed through the "agreed bill" process. The "agreed bill" process begins with the Council holding public hearings throughout the state. Testimony regarding possible changes to the current statutes is taken from all interested sources. The testimony is summarized and presented to the Council in the form of specific amendments. The Council’s voting members from organized labor and management negotiate the final amendments. In order for any amendment to be accepted in the "agreed bill" process, it must be accepted unanimously by all voting members of the Council. In July of odd-numbered years, the "agreed bill" is usually submitted to the labor committees of the Senate and Assembly. These committees hold hearings and discuss the amendments with the leaders of the Council before forwarding the bill to the full Legislature. Historically, the Legislature has unanimously endorsed the recommended amendments. After the bill is approved by the Legislature, it is sent to the Governor for approval and is signed into law.

Agreed Bill Summaries

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