Health Care Provider Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes for May 11, 2012
Madison WI

Present: Mary Jo Capodice DO, Maja Jurisic MD, John Metcalf, Peter Schubbe DC, Sri Vasudevan MD.

Excused: David Bryce MD, Gina Buono MD, Amanda Gilliland, Barbara Janusiak, Mike Lischak MD, Jeff Lyne DC, Karen Pease, Jennifer Seidl PT, Ron Stark MD.

Staff present: Joy Schmitt and Jim O'Malley

Observers: None present at meeting.

  1. Call to Order: The Health Care Providers Advisory Committee (HCPAC) meeting was called to order by John Metcalf at approximately 10:15 AM in accordance with Wisconsin's open meeting law. Members of the HCPAC and the Department introduced themselves.
  2. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the October 29, 2010 meeting were discussed. A quorum of the HCPAC was not present and the minutes of the last meeting were not formally approved. The members present tentatively approved the minutes without correction. Formal approval of the minutes of the October 29, 2010 meeting will be deferred to the next meeting.
  3. Unfinished business: Jim O'Malley advised the HCPAC's proposal to delete DWD 81.06 (1) (k) 4 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code was not approved by the Worker's Compensation Advisory Council. The purpose of the proposal was to address situations where insurance carriers deny payment for functional capacity evaluations. The HCPAC may submit another proposal pertaining to functional capacity evaluations in the future.
  4. New business: There was a discussion about the growing use of opioids to treat injured employees for chronic pain and the increase in the number of deaths due to the over use of opioids. The discussion covered professional medical organizations including the American Medical Association and American Pain Society and the work they have done in the area of opioid usage for pain management. The HCPAC discussed innovative legislation to regulate and monitor the use of opioids prescribed for pain management recently enacted in the State of Washington. The legislation included requirements for the prescription of opioids and drug testing for the people who received opioids. A committee of the Wisconsin Medical Society is working on guidelines covering the prescription of opioids. The guidelines are expected to be completed by the end of the summer. The HCPAC will review the guidelines adopted by the Wisconsin Medical Society after they are available. Depending on the guidelines adopted by the Wisconsin Medical Society, the HCPAC may work on developing additional guidelines for the use of opoids.
  5. Future Meeting: No dates for future meetings were set. The consensus of the members was that the next meeting should not be scheduled until after the Wisconsin Medical Society released the guidelines related to the use of opioids.
  6. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:40 PM.
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