Worker's Compensation Basic Facts

Brief History

Read a brief history of Wisconsin's Worker's Compensation, why it was adopted and an explanation of some of its special funds.

Worker's Compensation Centennial

Read the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Centennial 1911-2011 booklet - The Nation's 1st Constitutional Worker's Compensation Law, a Legacy of Cooperation and Innovation

Wisconsin Workforce, Number of WC Policies, Net Direct Earned Premiums and Premium Rate

In 2017 97% of Wisconsin's estimated workforce was covered by a worker's compensation policy. This incredible achievement is due to an ongoing investigative effort by the staff of the WC Division's Bureau of Insurance Programs to bring employers into compliance with the law.

WC Claim and Indemnity Information

Information was obtained from the following sources: DWD Worker's Compensation Division; Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau; Worker's Compensation Research Institute, Worker's Compensation Laws as of 2016

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