Card Payment Option for Employers

Pay Delinquent UI Taxes by Phone Using Credit or Debit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make a payment to the Department of Workforce Development Unemployment Insurance Division (DWD UI) using my credit or debit card?
Please call a collections specialist at 608-266-9700 with your UI account number.
2. What are the hours of operation?
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:15 PM
3. What are the different types of credit and debit cards accepted by DWD UI?
VISA, Mastercard and Discover.
4. Is there a service fee for debit and credit card payments?
A 1% service fee will be charged for every credit and debit card transaction. For example, if you want to pay $100.00 of your debt using a credit or debit card, you will be charged $101.00. The $1.00 additional amount is the service fee.
5. Will the service fee remain the same or is it subject to change?
The service fee is subject to change. You will be informed of the current service fee rate and service fee amount when you set up your payment.
6. Can I set up a future payment using my credit or debit card?
7. Can I cancel a payment that has been made using a credit or debit card?
If your payment has already been processed, meaning that the payment date is today or a date in the past, it cannot be cancelled, and the service fee is not refundable. If you call us before the payment date, the payment and service fee can be cancelled.
8. Can I set up a recurring payment plan using my credit or debit card?
No, not currently. This feature is expected to become available later.
9. How will the service fee changes impact my recurring payment plan?
Recurring payment plans using credit and debit cards are not offered at this time.
10. Will I be notified when my credit or debit card is charged? How will I be notified?
Yes. An email will be sent to the email address on record when a payment is set up. A second email will be sent when the payment has been released by your financial institution.
11. When will my credit or debit card payments post to my account?
Payments will post 1 to 2 business days after the payment date.
12. Is my card information secure and protected?
Yes, your card information is secure and protected. DWD UI does not collect, store or transmit any credit or debit card data. DWD UI will not have access to your card information at any time. DWD UI has partnered with U.S. Bank. U.S. Bank will collect and process the credit or debit card.
13. Can I email you my credit or debit card number?
No. Emailing your credit or debit card information is not safe and is a violation of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).
14. Can I call on a holiday to make a payment?
Our offices are closed and we are not available to take your call on the following holidays: New Year's Day; Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Eve; Christmas Day; and New Year's Eve.
15. Who should I call if I have any issues with the DWD UI payments I made using my credit or debit card?
Please call a collections specialist at 608-266-9700 with your UI account number.
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