Unemployment Forms and Publications for Employers

A selection of unemployment forms and publications for employers are listed below. 

You can also search other DWD forms and publications available on the Internet (DWD Division = UI) and sort the results by revision date.


Form Number Form Title Revision Date(s)
UC-7823-E Quarterly Wage Report 02/26/2014
UCT-7878-E Wage Adjustment Report 06/14/2016*
UCB-8219-E Wage Record Correction 10/01/2012
UCT-101-E Quarterly Contribution Report to be filed with Quarterly Wage Report 12/01/2016*
UCT-7842-E Contribution Adjustment Report 05/07/2015
UCT-6491-E Account Change Information 05/10/2017
UCT-115-E Report of Business Transfer 06/08/2016
UCT-16722 UI Account Reactivation Request 10/27/2009
UCT-7937 Election to Exclude Principal Officers 01/28/2016
UCT-8055 Worksheet - Corporate Officer Exclusion 01/02/2019
UCT-17927-E Reelection of Coverage of Principal Officers 02/26/2016
UCT-8291-E Employer Power of Attorney Assignment 02/22/2018
UCT-681 Unemployment Reserve Fund Surety Bond 12/01/1999
UCT-15393 Voluntary Contribution Worksheet 10/06/2014
UCT-18398-E Wage Levy Reduction Request 11/15/2018

* There were no content changes made to the most recent version of the form.

Forms to Apply for a UI Account Number and Register in Wisconsin:

Form Number Form Title Revision Date
UCT-1-E Wisconsin Employer Report 01/02/2019
UCT-43-E Preliminary Report 01/02/2019
UCT-673-E Nonprofit Organization Employer's Report 01/02/2019
UCT-5332-E Domestic Employer's Report 01/02/2019
UCT-5334-E Agricultural Employer's Report 01/02/20198

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