Document Your Work Search Actions Throughout the Week

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To document your work search actions throughout the week for the current week, use the online Weekly Work Search Entry Form:

Work Search Screen

Your work search actions stored by the department are accessible to you at any time. To access your work search action history:

Work Search Log History Screenshot

If you need to make an update to your current week's work search log:

Enter Work Search Activity Screenshot

You can also update the work search information when you file your weekly claim for the current week. You cannot update past weeks.

Even if you use the Weekly Work Search Entry Form, you need to file your weekly claim. The work search actions you enter for the week will be stored by the department and automatically transferred into the online weekly claim certification.

If you do not use the Weekly Work Search Entry Form, you will need to enter your weekly work search actions when you file your weekly claim online. When you file online the department keeps copies of the work search actions. You can also print copies of your work search action history if needed.

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