Unemployment Claims Online

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Go Online Today:

  HOW To Apply Online:

  1. Type into the internet browser: my.unemployment.wisconsin.gov
  2. Read and accept Terms and Conditions
  3. Create a username and password
  4. Logon to access online benefit services
  5. Complete your application

  HOW To File Weekly Claims Online or Seek Answers to Claims Questions:

  1. Type into the internet browser: my.unemployment.wisconsin.gov
  2. Logon to access online benefit services
  3. File your weekly claim or seek answers to individual claim questions

  What You Can DO Online:

  • File an Initial Claim Application
  • File a Weekly Claim
  • Seek Answers to Questions
  • Change Income Tax Withholding
  • Update Payment Method
  • Change Address
  • File an Appeal

  VIEW & PRINT Online:

  • Check Claim Status
  • View & Print Payment Information
  • Check Status of Payments
  • View Status of Eligibility
  • Obtain 1099-G
  • Determinations (Form UCB-20)


Fast & Easy

  • No waiting on hold, there are no busy signals online
  • Simple questions and useful help tips


  • Logon with a username and password
  • View a history of your online activity


  • Fill out your claim at your own pace
  • Interrupted in the middle? Don't worry! We save your work so you can pick right up where you left off:
    • For initial claims, you have up to 14 days to finish the claim you started
    • For weekly claims, you have the rest of the day to finish your claim


  • Prevent delays in payments with easy to use work search and wage entry screens

Mobile Friendly

  • Use your smartphone or other mobile device

Cost Effective

  • No need for postage or fax expenses


Expanded Access To View Claim Information

  • Payment details by week or summary of ALL payments made
  • Status of payments still pending
  • Balance of benefits remaining and date your claim ends
  • Print official documentation of payments received (e.g., for housing/energy assistance)
  • View weekly wages reported and compare to employer reported wages
  • Status of eligibility issues or appeals
  • View and print determinations (Form UCB-20)

Tools at Your Fingertips

  • View or print your 1099-G tax statements, including previous years
  • Change your address
  • Request or cancel income tax withholding from your payments
  • Update your payment method and bank information
  • Use the online benefits calculators to calculate partial payments

Daily Access

Increased Capability

  • Most claims that start online can be completed online; without having to speak to anyone

For more information, view our unemployment claims videos.

For help using online services or if you are truly unable to go online call the Claimant Assistance Line at 414-435-7069 during business hours.

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