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Unemployment Weekly Claims - Questions 124-127

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As work search actions are entered, the system will populate the grid and display the number of required work search actions that have been entered. When a claimant chooses YES, they performed more work search actions during the week, the system displays the list of the type of actions as detailed above to repeat the process. The information that is entered, displays on the 'grid' along with the number of work search actions entered.

Weekly Claim application question 124

When 4 work search actions are entered, the system displays notice that the required work search actions have been provided. The claimant can still enter more work search actions if they have any more they wish to report.

Weekly Claim application question 125

If the claimant had attended a mandatory DWD Re-employment services in the week, that information would display automatically in the grid without the user having to enter the information, along with messaging to indicate that the work search has been satisfied. The claimant can select the Add Work Search button if they have additional work search actions they wish to enter.

Work search actions that were entered through stand alone Work Search Activity display in the grid. At this time, there is no indication if the actions were entered through the IWC or through Work Search Activity.

Weekly Claim application question 125-127

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