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Unemployment Weekly Claims - Questions 114-123

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Weekly Claim application question 114

When Yes is selected and NEXT, a list of possible work search actions displays. The claimant should Chose the type of action that they are reporting. The type of action that is chosen, determines what additional information is required. The information requested will be what would be necessary to verify the action.

For example, if Registered with a headhunter or Met with a career counselor is selected, the date the name and the address of the headhunter or career counselor is required. If Took civil service exam is selected, the date, the department, location and type of work is required. Attending Job fair or Career expo, only requires the date and location of the job fair to be provided.

If a claimant attends any mandatory DWD re-employment Service, that information is available and will automatically populate the work search action table as satisfying all 4 work search actions for the week of attendance.

When Supplying resume directly to an employer or Filled out application is selected, the method the claimant conducted that action is also requested and does determine what contact information is required. See Below. For example, if the method of contact is in person or mail, then the address fields move from being optional to be mandatory. If mail is the method the zip code also is mandatory. If the method of contact is Through employer's website or Email, new fields becomes available to collect either the employer's web address or the employer's email address. These fields have edits to verify valid entry. If the method of contact is Other, the edits are the same as for In person contact.

Weekly Claim application question screenshot Weekly Claim application questions 115-121

Once the entry is made and NEXT is selected, the system displays a 'grid' which displays the information entered for the work search action, with links to update or remove the details of the work search action. The claimant is prompted 'Did you perform more work search actions during the week?' If Yes, an Add Work Search button appears which when selected displays the list to select type of action as detailed above.

Weekly Claim application questions 122-123

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