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TRA Partial Wage Formula

If you work while attending training, there is a calculation used to determine the weekly amount payable.

This calculation applies to TRA payments only; State UI payments and extension programs are still reduced using the UI partial wage formula, even if enrolled in training.

It is mandatory to report the gross amount of ALL wages earned in a calendar week.

This is the wage formula used for those who are attending full-time TAA approved training and receiving TRA payments:

  1. Subtract the full TRA weekly benefit rate from the gross earned income for the calendar week
  2. If the remaining amount calculated in step 1 is equal to or less than $30, the full weekly TRA benefit rate is paid and do not apply 3 through 6 below
  3. If the remaining amount calculated in step 1 is greater than $30, then subtract $30 from the amount in step 1
  4. Multiply the remainder by .67 (67%)
  5. Subtract this new amount (including the cents) from the full TRA weekly benefit rate
  6. Round the remainder down to the nearest whole dollar. This is the amount of TRA payable for the week

The lowest TRA payment that will be made is $5, so if the calculation results in an amount that is less than $5, no payment will be made.

Recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will be ineligible to receive TRA payments. You are required to report SSDI. Failure to report SSDI will result in overpayment of benefits and possible penalties.

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