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Task Force Members

  • DWD Secretary or designee: Amy Pechacek
  • Attorney General or designee: Michael Morris
  • DOR Secretary or designee: Maria Guerra Lapacek
  • OCI Secretary or designee: Nathan Houdek
  • DWD Worker’s Compensation Division: Steve Peters
  • DWD Unemployment Insurance Division: Jim Chiolino
  • Workers Representative: Andy Buck
  • Business Community Representative: Pete Braun
  • Senate Majority Caucus: Sen. Dale Kooyenga
  • Senate Minority Caucus: Sen. Robert Wirch
  • Assembly Majority Caucus: Rep. Robert Brooks
  • Assembly Minority Caucus: Rep. Chris Sinicki
  • Public Member: Cynthia Buchko
  • Public Member: Steuart Wilson
  • Public Member: Tim DeMinter