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How To Contact LIRC --

redball.jpg (817 bytes) Mailing address,  telephone and FAX numbers,  location

redball.jpg (817 bytes) Key Personnel

redball.jpg (817 bytes) E-mail

   additional information:

redball.jpg (817 bytes) Is LIRC the right agency for your question,  problem or comment?


Mailing address, telephone and FAX numbers,  location - -

LIRC may be contacted by mail at:

  • P. O. Box 8126, Madison WI 53708-8126

LIRC's telephone and FAX numbers are:

  • Telephone: (608) 266-9850
  • FAX number: (608) 267-4409

LIRC's offices are located at:

  • Wisconsin Public Broadcasting Building
    3319 West Beltline Highway
    Madison, Wisconsin

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Key Personnel - -

The members of the Labor and Industry Review Commission are :

  •  Laurie R. McCallum, Chairperson
  • C. William Jordahl, Commissioner
  • David B. Falstad, Commissioner


  • General Counsel - Tracey L. Schwalbe

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Contacting LIRC by e-mail - -

LIRC may be contacted by email at:  LIRC@dwd.wisconsin.gov

redball.jpg (817 bytes) Please Note:

  • Appeals to LIRC (petitions for review) may NOT be filed by e-mail. Wis. Admin. Code 1.025(2)
  • Please do not send attachments with your e-mail to LIRC.   To guard against accidental 'virus' infection, our e-mail software is set so that it cannot open any e-mail message that has been sent with an attachment. (Also, please note that some e-mail programs send forwarded messages as attachments. We will also not be able to open such messages).


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Is LIRC the right agency for your question, problem or comment?

LIRC has a narrow range of responsibilities.  Depending on what your question, problem or comment concerns, it may actually be better for you to submit it to another agency.  Please review the following information about what LIRC does, and what other agencies may be a more appropriate resource for.

redball.jpg (817 bytes) LIRC is only involved in ruling on appeals of decisions which have been issued by Administrative Law Judges of the Department of Workforce Development in cases involving benefit claims and related issues in the areas of

  • unemployment insurance ,
  • workers compensation, and
  • employment discrimination

If your message does not involve these topics, you may benefit from the following information on how to contact other agencies and services which may be or more assistance to you:

General questions about entitlements to unemployment insurance benefits and workers compensation benefits or about rights  under Wisconsin's anti-discrimination laws, as well as questions about specific pending claims which have not yet been ruled on by an ALJ, are best directed to the Divisions directly responsible for each area: 

          [Unemployment Insurance - UI Division website]

          [Workers Compensation - WC Division website]

          [Employment Discrimination - ER Division website]

Each of these websites has a Mail Form which can be used to send an e-mail message directly to that Division. 

  • The  laws governing hours of work and overtime, minimum wage, wage payment and claims, occupational health & safety, child labor and work permits, prevailing wage rate laws, and private employment agencies, are administered by the Equal Rights Division. Please contact ERD with questions concerning these topics.
  • If your question, comment or inquiry concerns some other aspect of Wisconsin state law or regulation, you may find it helpful to check the List of Wisconsin State Agency Websites at the State of Wisconsin's "Badger" Information Server.
  • LIRC does not provide legal services and it cannot provide general legal advice.   If you need legal advice or need to obtain legal counsel, you may wish to contact the Lawyer Referral and Information Service sponsored by the Wisconsin Bar Association.

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