Unemployment Insurance Intermediate Tax and Accounting Specialist

Position Summary

Under limited supervision of the unit supervisor this position conducts complex investigations, renders decisions, and issues legal determinations pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 108, the Wisconsin Administrative Code, portions of the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) and Internal Revenue Code, and department policies and procedures.

In addition to the above, this position provides account management services and is the primary technical contact for the state’s 130,000+ employers. This position also participates in the development, testing, and maintenance of automated Unemployment Insurance accounting systems.

Time Goals and Workers Activities
35% A Investigate and issue determinations of employer tax liability through the interpretation and administration of Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance (UI) law and administrative code. Review and resolve appeals as appropriate.

A1. Investigate whether employers are covered under the Wisconsin UI law and administrative code. Evaluate the applicability of provisions of the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) and Internal Revenue Code as they relate to specific employers.

A2. Investigate transfers of business between employers to determine whether a transfer of account experience is necessary.

A3. Conduct complex independent contractor investigations to determine whether an employer/employee relationship exists. Resolve complex investigations using dispute resolution techniques.

A4. Review UCB-612s (Additional Employer Information Request) to determine employer/employee status related to ongoing benefit claims. Inform Bureau of Benefits of investigation results.

A5. Determine whether it is necessary to audit an employer and initiate audits when appropriate. A6. Advise employers of the requirements of optional elections and procedures to make such elections. Review election requests to determine their validity.

A7. Prepare and issue initial determinations specifying employer obligations under Wisconsin UI law. Prepare and process amendments and reversals of previously issued determinations.

A8. Coordinate processing of appeals of issued determinations and the results of legal decisions regarding those appeals. Contact the appealing party to explain applicable law and resolve the appeal prior to hearing when appropriate.

A9. Document all action taken and the interpretive basis of all determinations made regarding employers. Obtain additional information as needed through correspondence with employers or their representatives.

A10.Keep updated and knowledgeable of all part of the Wisconsin UI Law related to tax. Assist in analyzing proposed law changes and their effects on UI systems for consideration by the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council (UIAC)

35% B. Analysis, reconciliation, and maintenance of individual employer accounts in unemployment tax and accounting systems.

B1. Analyze employer accounts and process changes as needed to ensure accurate accounts receivable, reserve fund balances, and non-monetary system information.

B2. Review and process adjustments to employer accounts based on information received from employers and field audit.

B3. Analyze transfers and sales of businesses. Process required transactions related to transfers and verify employer accounts are updated properly

B4. Calculate the effect transactions will have on an employer’s tax rate. Advise employers on the effects of mandatory transactions and optional employer elections.

B5. Investigate the validity of credit balances on employer accounts. Inform employers how to use valid credits and process refunds as needed.

B6. Review tax reports suspended during the reporting process. Resolve errors causing suspension and forward corrected reports to the General Accounting Unit for reprocessing.

B7. Participate in review and testing of the automated annual employer tax rate calculation program. Ensure employer tax rates are calculated correctly and employer accounts are updated properly.

B8. Review, analyze, and authorize the assessment of the Special Assessment for Interest (SAFI). Verify SAFI is calculated correctly and adjust assessment if appropriate.

B9. Respond to requests from the Internal Revenue Service and employers to certify the amount of state UI tax paid for the purposes of receiving a credit against employers’ federal unemployment tax liability.

B10.Review and negotiate a resolution to disputed billings resulting from employer inquiries regarding correspondence, forms, account information, delinquency notices, etc.

B11.Reconcile employer tax and wage reports and determine reason for any variance. Process any necessary transactions to the employer’s account and bill for amounts due or refund overpayments.

B12 Work with the General Accounting Unit to calculate the amount of assurance of reimbursement required to be submitted by nonprofit employers who elect reimbursement financing. Notify the General Accounting Unit when a determination involving a reimbursable employer results in an adjustment in the amount of assurance of reimbursement.

B13.Answer questions from and provide financial reports/schedules to employers and their representatives, other agency staff, legislators, and the general public regarding Wisconsin UI law.

10% C. Performance of Team and Bureau related activities.

C1. Participate in the development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of all manual and automated systems affecting employer accounts. Recommend improvements to management.

C2. Participate actively in Team decision making.

C3. Recommend to management improvements for the overall effectiveness of the Team unit.

C4. Recommend to management improvements and modifications for communication with employers.

C5. Develop and recommend to management changes to Wisconsin UI law relating to UI tax.

C6. Recommend to management law changes that reflect changes in employer technical and operational needs.

C7. Assist in providing training and mentorship of new employees and for all staff as a result of system and/or law changes and bureau policy or procedure changes.

C8. Develop and maintain Team procedures manual to promote accuracy, efficiency, and consistency in the application of the law and bureau policy and procedures.

C9. Complete special projects assigned by management.

20% D. Provide technical expertise and answer inquiries from employers, agency personnel, legislators, and the public regarding Wisconsin UI law.

D1. Provide first-line technical support for users of the UI web portal.

D2. Educate employers and other users about the functions available on the UI web portal. Assist users with completion of online forms and applications.

D3. Provide technical assistance to employers in completion of forms, letters, and documents requested by the Department and/or required by federal or state UI law.

D4. Provide expert information to Department attorneys handling appeals on coverage, transfer, and monetary determinations. Summarize transactions affecting employer accounts and explain actions taken regarding these transactions.

D5. Represent the Department as requested at appeal hearings to provide expert testimony on issues related to Wisconsin UI tax.

D6. Provide information to Benefits staff and other agency personnel regarding statutory coverage and successorship provisions, bureau policies, and workflow procedures.

D7. Disseminate applicable statutory interpretations and departmental policies to employers and their representatives, other state agencies, legislators, and the general public.

D8. Implement law changes and explain these changes to employers and their representatives, other state agencies, legislators, and the general public.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Required

Job Performance, Duties and Expectations


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