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Work Permit Office Locations


Changes to our work permit application process. Check back regularly for updates.

To find a work permit office near you, hover your mouse over the map (or tap on the map on a mobile device) to reveal the search (magnifying glass) icon. You may search by city, county, or zip code. You may also zoom in/out using the plus/minus (+/-) icons found directly below the search icon. To recenter your view, click the Zoom Home icon (House icon).

To view a list of work permit offices, including address and phone number, click the dot result from your search. If there are several dot results, further narrow your view by zooming in using the plus (+) icon. A dot result may represent one or multiple permit offices.

If you have difficulty dragging the map to a location, make sure the map view is set to pan found by selecting the arrow facing right directly below the Zoom Home (house) icon. Then select the pan icon which are the four arrows pointing North, South, East and West.

Office hours vary. Please call ahead.

Please allow time for the data to load.

Work Permit Requirements.

Map updated daily. Questions? Contact Us