Instructions for the Prevailing Wage Online Survey

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These instructions tell you how to save the Online survey application to your local personal computer based on the web browser you use and how to mail the completed survey.

Internet Explorer, Firefox and All Other Web Browser Users:

In order to use the Prevailing Wage Online Survey application, you must right click on the "Prevailing Wage Online Survey" link.
Application Link is here: Prevailing Wage Online Survey

  1. You will see a menu of choices. Choose "Save Target As". Or In Firefox “Save Link As” and check your download folder for the survey application in Firefox.
  2. You may save the survey application to your Windows desktop or other location on your computer's hard drive.
    The application will be saved and named as pw_online_survey.xls.
  3. All other Web Browsers please consult your help documentation for downloading and saving files to your computer.

Microsoft Excel 2003 – 2007 Users

Microsoft Excel 2003 Macro Security settings for the Annual Prevailing Wage Survey application pw_on_line_survey.xls. These settings are needed to run the pw_on_line_survey.xls application.

  1. Open your 2003 Excel program.
  2. Click "Tools" option
  3. When the "Options" multi-tabbed dialog box appears click the “Security tab”.
  4. Click "Macro Security"
  5. When the "Security" multi tabbed dialog box appears, select "Security Level Tab".
  6. Select Low & close out.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Macro Security settings for the Annual Prevailing Wage Survey application pw_on_line_survey.xls.

  1. Open your 2007 Excel program.
  2. Click the Microsoft Office button (Upper left hand Corner), then click Excel options.
  3. Click Trust Center settings and then click Macro settings.
  4. Enable all Macros.
  5. Close out.

MAILING                 It’s Your Option!                   MAILING

When you save your records, the application will automatically transfer your saved records as a Controlnumber.TXT file to your desktop, floppy disk, CD-R or any place you choose on your computer's hard drive.

DO NOT SEND EQUAL RIGHTS THE pw_online_survey.xls FILE.

  1. When you have completed the annual prevailing wage survey using the web based survey method, you will need to copy the Controlnumber.txt file to an e-mail, 3 1/2 diskette or CD-R.
  2. Sign the tear out annual prevailing wage rate survey form from the booklet (the last page of the booklet) and mail both the signed form and survey data to the department.  If you use e-mail you must include the signed scanned form as a PDF or Word document with your attached saved Controlnumber.txt file.

Please open your Controlnumber.TXT file to check for records saved before mailing.

Instructions for sending your survey file via e-mail:

Attach your individual Excel spreadsheet and/or Controlnumber.txt file and signed survey form in an e-mail addressed to this link


Or mail completed survey on a 3 ½ inch floppy disk or compact disc along with your signed survey form to:
Labor Standards Bureau
PO Box 7887
Madison, WI 53707-7887

If You Need Help Please Call (608) 267-9331

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