Occupational Titles Beginning with Letter R

Refrigeration Mechanic

CODE: 132


Fabricates and assembles components of refrigeration systems according to blueprints or schematic drawings using hand or power tools and welding equipment.


Reads blueprints or schematic drawings to determine location, size, capacity and type of components such as compressor, condenser, expansion tank, valves and tubing or piping needed to build refrigeration system. Mounts compressor, condenser and other components in specified locations on frame using hand tools and arc or acetylene welding equipment. Cuts, bends and brazes specified tubing to inlets and outlets of components to form liquid and suction lines of refrigeration system. Installs expansion and control valves using acetylene torch and wrenches. Adjusts valves according to specifications. Removes air from system and charges system with specified amount and type of refrigerant. Tests lines, components and connections for leaks with leak detector which indicates presence of refrigerant. Attaches thermocouples to various points of refrigeration system and test-operates equipment to evaluate functioning and cooling capacity of system. Records pressure and temperature readings from gauges and temperature potentiometer during test run. Compares reading with specifications to evaluate performance of system and adjusts or replaces parts as indicated. May fabricate and assemble structural portions of test equipment. May assemble and mount electrical wiring circuits, controls and recording devices. May fabricate and assemble cascade and multiple stage refrigeration systems.

Roofer or Waterproofer

CODE: 133


Covers roofs with roofing materials other than sheet metal, such as composition shingles or sheets, wood shingles or asphalt and gravel. Sprays roofs, siding and walls with urethane or polyurethane foam to bind, seal, insulate or soundproof buildings or structures.


Installs slate and tile and all substitute materials taking the place of slate and tile used for roofing including flat or promenade slate with necessary metal flashing to make water-tight. Cements in, on or around slate and tile roofs. Lays felt or paper beneath slate and tile. Dresses, punches and cuts all roof slate or tile either by hand or machinery. Installs all forms of plastic, slate, slag, gravel, asphalt and composition roofing, rock asphalt mastic when used for damp and waterproofing, prepared paper, compressed paper and chemically prepared paper and burlap with or without coating. Installs all damp resisting preparations regardless of the method of application in or outside of building. Installs damp courses, sheeting or coating on foundation work and tarred roofs. Lays tile or brick when laid in asphalt or pitch tar. Installs and applies materials used in roofing, waterproofing, encapsulation and containment process including all forms of elastomeric or elastoplastic roofing systems, both sheet and liquid applied, whether single-ply or multi-ply. Installs aggregate or stone used as a ballast for inverted roofing membrane assembly or roof of similar construction where insulation is laid over the roofing membrane. Seals and caulks seams and joints on elastoplastic systems to insure water-tightness. Applies liquid-type elastoplastic preparation for roofing, damp or waterproofing when applied with a squeegee, trowel, roller or spray equipment whether applied inside or outside of a building. Primes surfaces to be roofed, damp or waterproofed, whether done by roller, mop, swab, three-knot brush or spray systems. Waterproofs all types of preformed panels. Applies all types of sprayed-in-place urethane or polyurethane and the coatings that are applied over them. Applies roof insulation when the insulation material is applied as an integral part of a roofing system, whether the insulation material is applied as the first, last or any other layer in between including insulation and underlayment below a standing seam metal roof. Operates and services all kettles, bulk tankers, stationary heating tankers and other types of equipment and tools used to accomplish this work (including heating systems for the operation of the equipment), compressors for applying roofing material components, roof and mop carts, hydraulics, tools and equipment, be it hand or power operated, needed to apply waterproofing, insulation and roofing materials. Handles the hoisting and storing of all roofing, damp and waterproofing materials and the tear-off or removal of any type of roofing including all spudding, sweeping, vacuuming, cleanup or a combination of these, of any areas of any type where a roof is to be relayed.

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