Occupational Titles Beginning with Letter M

Marble Finisher

CODE: 119


Supplies and mixes construction materials for marble setter. Applies grout and cleans installed marble.


Moves marble installation materials, tools, machines and work devices to work areas. Mixes mortar, plaster and grout, as required, following standard formulas using manual or machine mixing methods. Moves mixed mortar, plaster and grout to installation area manually or using wheelbarrow. Selects marble slab for installation following numbered sequence or drawings. Drills holes and chisels channels in edges of marble slabs to install metal wall anchors using power drill and chisel. Bends wires to form metal anchors, using pliers, inserts anchors into drilled holes of marble slab and secures anchors in place with wooden stake and plaster. Moves marble slabs to installation site, using dolly or hoist. Fills marble joints and surface imperfections with grout using grouting trowel or spatula. Removes excess grout using wet sponge. Grinds and polishes marble using abrasives, chemicals and manual or machine grinding and polishing techniques. Cleans installed marble surfaces, work and storage areas, installation tools, machinery and work aids using water and cleaning agents. Stores marble, installation materials, tools, machinery and related items. May modify mixing, material moving, grouting, polishing and cleaning methods and procedures according to type of installation or materials. May repair and fill chipped, cracked or broken marble pieces using torch, spatula and heat-sensitive adhesive and filler. May secure marble anchors to studding using pliers and covers ends of anchors with plaster to secure anchors in place. May assist marble setter to saw and position marble.

Marble Mason

CODE: 120


Cuts, tools and sets marble slabs in floors and walls of buildings and structures. Repairs and polishes marble slabs previously set in buildings and structures.


Trims, faces and cuts marble to specified size using power sawing, cutting and facing equipment and hand tools. Drills holes in slab and attaches bracket. Spreads mortar on bottom of slab and on sides of adjacent slabs. Sets block in position, tamps it into place and anchors bracket attachment with wire. Fills joints with grout. Removes excess grout from marble with sponge. Cleans and bevels cracks or chips on slabs using hand and power tools. Heats cracked or chipped area with blowtorch. Fills defect with composition mastic that matches grain of marble. Polishes marble and other ornamental stone to high luster using power or hand tools.

Metal Building Erector

CODE: 121


Assembles prefabricated packaged metal buildings according to blueprint specifications using hand and power tools when such buildings are manufactured as a unit such as "Butler", "Delta", "Varco-Pruden" or other named brand packaged buildings.


Erects structural steel frame of building. Bolts or welds steel frame members together. Attaches wire and insulating material installed in conjunction with sheeting or framework. Installs metal siding or metal roof decking regardless of fastening method or the object to which it is fastened. Reads blueprints to determine location of items such as doors, windows, ventilators and skylights and installs same using cutting torch, wrenches and power drills. Trims excess sheet metal using cutting torch, power saw or tin snips.


CODE: 122


Dismantels, erects, assembles, aligns and adjusts machinery and equipment used in the transmission of power (steam, electric, gas, water or air) according to layout plans, blueprints and other drawings using manual hoists, lift trucks, hand and power tools.


Reads blueprints and schematic drawings to determine work procedures. Dismantles machines, using hammer, wrench, crowbar and other hand tools. Moves machinery and equipment using manual hoists, dollies, rollers and trucks. Assembles, installs and sets equipment such as shafting, motors, generators, air compressors and conveyors using hand and power tools. Constructs foundation for machines using hand tools and building materials, such as wood, cement and steel. Aligns machines and equipment using manual hoists, jacks, hand tools, square, rule, micrometer and plumb bob. Assembles machines and bolts, welds, rivets or otherwise fastens them to foundation or other structures using hand and power tools. Erects concrete mixers and temporary appliances used in the construction industry. Installs pallet racks and associated shelving. May operate engine lathe to grind, file and turn machine parts to dimensional specifications. May repair and lubricate machines and equipment. May install robot and modify its program using teach pendant.

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