Occupational Titles Beginning with Letter D

Drywall Taper or Finisher

CODE: 108


Seals joints between plasterboard or other wallboard to prepare wall surface for painting or papering. May install exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS).


Mixes sealing compound by hand or with portable electric mixer and spreads compound over joints between boards using hawk, trowel or broadknife. Presses paper tape over joint to embed tape into compound and seals joint using mechanical applicator that spreads compound and embeds tape in one operation. Spreads and smoothes cementing material over tape using hawk, trowel or floating machine to blend joint with wall surface and corner angles with the aid of angle box tool. Sands rough spots after cement has dried. Fills cracks and holes in walls and ceiling with sealing compound. Installs metal molding at corners in lieu of sealant and tape. May apply texturing compound and primer to walls and ceiling prior to final finishing using brushes, roller or spray gun. May countersink nails or screws below surface of wall prior to applying sealing compound using hammer or screwdriver. May perform tasks involved with application of exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS) including preparing substrate surface and protecting surfaces, both finished and substrate, from water and run off. Frees substrate and foam of foreign material and plane. Applies reinforcing mesh and fastens foam and detail with adhesive. Mixes coating and material with portable mixer and applies with trowel. Coats and sprays finish over base coat and detailing. May erect scaffolding which may be used for interior walls and ceiling, exterior drywall or EIFS work that may require special finishes or textures applied with hawk, trowel or special texure brushes.

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