Occupational Titles Beginning with Letter B


CODE: 102


Assembles boilers, tanks, vats, elliptical or spherical water tanks or towers and pressure vessels normally made of 10 gauge or heavier metal according to blueprint specifications using portable power tools, hand tools and equipment.


Locates and marks reference points for columns or plates on foundation using straightedge, square, transit and measuring tape. Attaches riffing or signals crane operator to lift parts to specified position. Aligns structures or plate sections to assemble boiler frames, tanks or vats, using plumb bob, level, wedge, dog or turnbuckle. Hammers, flame-cuts, files or grinds irregular edges of sections or structural parts to facilitate fitting edges together. Bolts or arc-welds structures and sections together. Positions drums and headers into supports or bolts or welds supports to frames. Aligns water tubes and connects and expands ends to drums and headers using tube expander. Bells beads with power hammer or welds tube ends to insure leakproof joints. Bolts or welds casing sections, uptakes, stacks, baffles and such fabricated parts as chutes, air heaters, fan stands, feeding tubes, catwalks, ladders, coal hoppers and safety hatches to frame using wrench. Installs manholes, handholds, valves, gauges and feedwater connection in drums to complete assembly of water tube boilers. Tests assembled vessel by pumping water or gas under specified pressure into vessel and observing instruments for evidence of leakage. Repairs boilers or tanks in field by unbolting or flame cutting defective sections or tubes, straightening plates using torch or jack, installing new tubes, fitting and welding new sections and replacing worn lugs on bolts.

Bricklayer, Blocklayer or Stonemason

CODE: 103


Layout, lays, cuts, installs and finishes all brick, structural tile, refractory materials, precast units, and concrete, cinder, glass, gypsum and terra cotta block and all other natural and artificial masonry products to construct or repair walls, partitions, stacks, furnaces or other structures. Sets, anchors and finishes stone to construct piers, walls and abutments. Lays stone in mortar or "mud" to construct walks and streets. Sets special types of masonry, such as alberene (acid-resistant soapstone for vats, tanks and floors) using various hand and power tools.


Measures distance from reference points and marks guidelines on working surface to lay out work. Spreads soft bed of mortar that serves as base and binder for brick or block using trowel. Applies mortar to end of brick or block and positions same in mortar bed. Taps brick or block with trowel to level, align and embed in mortar, allowing specified thickness of joint. Removes excess mortar from face using trowel. Finishes mortar between brick or block with pointing tool or trowel. Saws or breaks brick or block to fit spaces too small for whole brick or block using power or hand tools. Determines vertical and horizontal alignment of courses using plumb bob, gaugeline (tightly stretched cord) and level. Fastens brick or terra cotta veneer to face of buildings or structures with tie wires embedded in mortar between bricks or in anchor holes in veneer brick. Grouts, insulates, and places all reinforcing rods, anchors, and flashing in masonry walls. Lays refractory brick, block and insulation in place by spreading, dipping, or spraying materials to build furnaces, line boilers or like fire resistant structures using hand and power tools. Shapes stone preparatory to setting using chisel, hammer and other shaping tools. Spreads mortar over stone foundation with trowel and sets stone in place by hand or with aid of crane. Aligns stone with plumb bob and finishes joints between stone with pointing tool or trowel. Spreads mortar along mortar guides to ensure joints of uniform thickness. May place, set, anchor, align and plumb precast units. May weld metal parts to structural steel members. May erect scaffolding. May caulk, clean, seal and waterproof all masonry surfaces using hand and power tools.

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