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This list is made available to provide information about lawyers who may be willing to represent persons in cases filed before the Equal Rights Division and does not reflect any judgment regarding their skills or abilities to provide legal services. The Equal Rights Division is not recommending any particular attorney on this list. If a lawyer’s name is not on the list, that just means that the lawyer has not asked to be included on the list and does not mean that the lawyer is not willing to help you. Additional attorney names may be obtained by contacting the State Bar Lawyer Referral number at (800) 362-9082, or by referring to your local telephone book.

This is a list of law firms that have informed the Equal Rights Division that they are willing to represent parties in cases filed with the Division. The list is arranged in alphabetical order, according to geographical area. Law firms that represent only Complainants are indicated by a “C” in the right-hand column. Law firms that represent only Respondents are indicated by an “R.” Law firms which represent both Complainants and Respondents are indicated by “C/R.” Names of attorneys within the law firm who practice before the Equal Rights Division are listed in the center column. Please note that, although the law firms are listed by geographical area, many firms will accept clients from other parts of the state.

If you wish to retain an attorney, you should contact the law firm directly for information about consultation fees, fee arrangements, special services and so forth.

If viewing on a mobile device you may need to rotate the device to view the full details of the office.

To filter, click on a region name from the drop down. Clicking on an office name will exit the ERD website and open the law office website.

Questions about employment discrimination should be directed to the Department of Workforce Development Equal Rights Division.

To visit our offices:

Madison Office
201 E Washington Ave; Room A100
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-266-6860 - 608-264-8752 (TTY)

Milwaukee Office
819 N. 6th St; Room 723
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone: 414-227-4384 - 414-227-4081 (TTY)

Our mailing addresses:

Madison Office
PO Box 8928
Madison, WI 53708-8928
Phone: 608-266-6860 - 608-264-8752 (TTY)

Milwaukee Office
PO Box 7997
Madison, WI 53707-7997
Phone: 414-227-4384 - 414-227-4081 (TTY)

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:45 am - 4:30 pm

The Department of Workforce Development is an equal opportunity service provider. If you have a disability and/or have a labor standards or civil rights question and need this information in an alternate format, or need it translated to another language, please contact us at the above numbers.

DWD es un empleador y proveedor de servicios que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades. Si tiene una discapacidad y necesita ayuda con esta información, marque 7-1-1 para comunicarse con el Wisconsin Relay Service (Servicio de Retransmisión de Wisconsin). Comuníquese con la División de Derechos Iguales al (608) 264-8752 para pedir información en un formato alternativo, incluida la traducción a otro idioma.

DWD yog ib tus tswv hauj lwm thiab muab kev pab muaj vaj huam sib luag rau sawv daws. Yog koj muaj ib tus mob xiam oob qhab tsis taus thiab xav tau kev pab rau daim ntawv no, thov hu rau 7-1-1 rau Wisconsin Relay Service. Thov hu rau Fab Saib Xyuas Kev Muaj Cai Sib Txig ntawm (608) 264-8752 mus thov kom muab daim ntawv no kho ua lwm hom kom koj nyeem tau, nrog rau qhov kom muab txhais ua lwm hom lus.

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