Information about the Americans with Disabilities Act

This page was formerly named ERD-12864-P (Revised: 02/2003)


Employers may not discriminate in hiring or promotion if a person with a disability is qualified for the job.

Employers can ask about a person’s ability to perform the job, but may not require tests or make any health or disability related inquires before making a job offer.

Employers must provide “reasonable accommodation” to persons with disabilities, including job restructuring and equipment modifications, unless doing so would impose an “undue hardship”.

Who must comply: After July 26, 1994, all employers with 15 or more workers. (Under Wisconsin law, all employers are covered.)


After August 26, 1990, all new public buses ordered must be accessible to persons with disabilities.

Transit agencies must provide comparable paratransit or other special transportation services to persons with disabilities who cannot use fixed route buses, unless an undue burden would result.

After July 26, 1995, exiting rail systems must have one accessible car per train.

After July 26, 1990, new rail cars ordered must be accessible.

New bus and train stations must be accessible.

After July 26, 1993, key stations in rapid, light and computer rail systems must be accessible with some multiyear extensions.

After July 26, 2010, all existing Amtrak stations must be accessible.

Public Accommodations

After January 26, 1992, private entities such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores may not discriminate against persons with disabilities.

Auxiliary aids and services must be provided to individuals with vision or hearing impairments or other disabilities, unless burden would result.

Physical barriers in exiting facilities must be removed, if removal is readily achievable. If not, readily achievable alternative methods of providing services must be offered.

All new construction and alterations of facilities must be accessible.

State and Local Government

State and local governments may not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities.

All government facilities, services and communications must be accessible consistent with the requirements of section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


Companies offering telephone services to the general public must offer telephone relay services to persons who use telecommunication devices for the deaf (TTY) or similar devices.

Disability Resources

A number of important resources are available to assist employers and persons with disabilities.

Questions about employment discrimination should be directed to the Department of Workforce Development Equal Rights Division.

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The Department of Workforce Development is an equal opportunity service provider. If you have a disability and/or have a labor standards or civil rights question and need this information in an alternate format, or need it translated to another language, please contact us at the above numbers.

DWD es un empleador y proveedor de servicios que ofrece igualdad de oportunidades. Si tiene una discapacidad y necesita ayuda con esta información, marque 7-1-1 para comunicarse con el Wisconsin Relay Service (Servicio de Retransmisión de Wisconsin). Comuníquese con la División de Derechos Iguales al (608) 264-8752 para pedir información en un formato alternativo, incluida la traducción a otro idioma.

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