Equal Rights 60 Second Videos

As an Employer in the service industry, what are my obligations to my tipped employees if they are harassed for wearing a mask?

I earn tips. Can my employer pay me less than minimum wage?

Am I entitled to unused vacation, holiday, or sick pay if I leave the company?

My Employer didn't pay me for the hours that I worked. What now?

I am a full-time employee. Am I entitled to benefits?

If my child's school is virtual this year, can he/she work during the day?

As an employer, do I have a right to require all employees to wear a face mask even after the mandate is lifted?

Does my employer have to let me work from home if I am worried about Covid-19?

What can I do if I'm harassed for wearing/not wearing a mask at work?

Am I entitled to overtime compensation while working from home?