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WIA Youth Program

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Assessments for Out-of-School Youth

Career Development Web Resources (Word document)

Compliance Tools:

Policy Updates

Technical Assistance Guides (TAGs) (common measures)

Youth Program Resource Guides (07/01/2011)

Youth Tutorials: The following categories are power point presentations.

WIA Youth Program Outreach, Recruitment, Intake, Registration, and Eligibility Requirements (8/22/2011)

WIA Youth Program Orientation (8/2/2011)

Literacy and Numeracy Gains (2/3/2011 Webinar)

Attainment of a Degree or Certificate (1/19/2011 Webinar)

Placement in Employment or Education (1/12/2011 Youth Common Measures Webinar)

STEM Youth Apprenticeship and High School Students (5/18/2010 Roundtable)


Case Management


Individual Service Strategy (ISS)

Waivers | Waiver Chart | Waiver Policy

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