WDA Best Practices

Primary goal is to become a tool for activity/program sharing and discussion.

About WDA Best Practices

This page is the link for those employees of Wisconsin’s Workforce Development Boards with access to the WDA Best Practice site. As a workforce professional, you are able to:

This is the workforce professional’s space to promote effective project/program activities in Wisconsin’s workforce development network.

On the WDA Best Practice site, the workforce development professional has the ability to present topics for discussion or share personal perspectives on relevant interest areas. The site’s primary goal is to become a tool for discussing and sharing knowledge in a cost-effective way. Each area in the state has the opportunity to create area-specific sections in the WDA Best Practice space to discuss region-specific topics or review other areas’ activities to learn alternative approaches or concepts. Individual groups, such as business services or apprenticeship, can use the site to focus on specific areas of interest. For example, the apprenticeship group might present a program and request feedback, or Business Services might present a concept and put it out for discussion..

FAQs WDA Best Practices

If I don’t have access to SharePoint, how do I get connected?
Ans: Contact your CEO and request that your WIEXT account be established to have access to SharePoint.

I have access but I need training to navigate around SharePoint.
Ans: Contact the Best Practice webpage manager and they will coordinate a training time.

I see information on the WDA Best Practice webpage that I want to discuss but don’t know how to kick off discussion.
Ans: Once you are trained you can use the Discussions category to add a topic. In Discussions you can respond to other conversation threads.

I want to establish specific locations in SharePoint for my area, how do I create the locations?
Ans: Once you are trained you will learn how to develop your individual locations.

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