SEC-6895-P, Access To Public Records

Access to Public Records - SEC-6895-P

(Reference DWD Policy 702 - Access to Public Records)

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) makes Unemployment Insurance payments, operates employment and
training programs at state Job Centers, provides vocational rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities, decides discrimination
cases in housing and employment, secures the payment of wages that are due, administers the Worker's Compensation law, and
enforces other state labor laws. The Department has designated a legal custodian of public records for the entire department and
deputy custodians as indicated below.

Members of the public may obtain information and access to the Department's public records, or obtain copies of these records, by
contacting the Department's public records email address at, or the Department's legal custodian: Ernest Jones, Legal Counsel, 201 East Washington Avenue, Room A400, P.O. Box 7946, Madison, WI 53707, telephone (608) 261-2311.

If you prefer, you may contact any of the Department's divisional record custodians directly if you seek records which you
believe to be in their possession. The Department's main office is open Monday - Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Some locations other
than the main office in Madison may have more limited hours.

Please make your request, orally or in writing, for the specific record(s) you seek to either the legal custodian or one of the record
custodians during the office hours specified. Please direct your request to only one of the custodians, who will forward it to a different
custodian if necessary.

Requestors may be charged for:

The costs of separating or redacting the confidential parts of records from the public parts may not be charged to requestors. Some
requests may require prepayment.

Requestors appearing in person may be asked to make their own copies, or the Department will make copies for requestors at its

Divisional Record Custodians:

Office of the Secretary
Contact - Ernest Jones - Legal Counsel (608) 261-2311

Division of Operations
All-Division Records - Dawn Bluma (608) 266-5515
Bureau of General Services - Margaret McGrath (608) 266-1777

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Alaina Knief (608) 261-0077
Danielle Russell (608) 261-0076

Division of Employment and Training
Bruce Palzkill (608) 266-3623

Equal Rights Division
Heidi Marshall (414) 227-4383

Unemployment Insurance Division
Jeff Becker (608) 261-0210
Mark Riedel (608) 264-8825

Worker's Compensation Division
Brian Krueger (608) 267-4415

SEC-6895-P (R. 06/2018)

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