Glossary of Frequently Used Acronyms: M - R

MA Medical Assistance; Wis. Medicaid Program
MADHO Madison Hearing Office (UI)
MAP Model Accreditation Plan
MBA Maximum Benefit Amount
MCA Mechanical Contractors Association
MCH Maternal and Child Health program
MCL Mobile Crew Leader
MD Muscular Dystrophy
MEOC Madison Equal Opportunities Commission
MEP Management and Evaluation Project
MFHEC Milwaukee Fair Housing & Employment Commission
MFSIO Milwaukee Family Service Integration Office
MHO Milwaukee Hearing Office (UI)
MIS Management Information System
MJCN Milwaukee Job Center Network
MLS Mass Layoff Statistics
MMFHC Metro Milwaukee Fair Housing Council
MMI Maximum Medical Improvement
MOE Maintenance of Effort
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MR Mental Retardation
MS Multiple Sclerosis, Microsoft
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area (formerly Standard Metro Statistical Area)
MSFW Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker
MSL Medical Support Liability
MWFPA Midwest Food Processors Association, Inc.
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NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAB National Alliance of Business
NACO National Association of Counties
NAEYC National Association For the Education of Young Children
NAFTA-TAA North American Free Trade Agreement - Trade Adjustment Assistance
NAICS North American Industry Classification System
replaced SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
NAMI National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NASAA National Association of State Approving Agencies
NASTAD National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors
NATB Non-reading Aptitude Test Battery
NCCIC National Child Care Inforamtion Center
NCIL National Council for Independent Living
NCP Non Custodial Parent
NCSAB National Council of State Agencies for the Blind
NCSC Nation Community Service Commission
NECA National Electrical Contractors Association
NET Non-Traditional Employment and Training
NEWA Non-Traditional Employment for Women Act
NFB National Federation of the Blind
NGA National Governors Association
NIDRR National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
NLRA National Labor Relations Act
NOICC National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee/Council
NPC No Probable Cause
NPS Non-personal Services
NRA National Rehabilitation Association
NTMA National Tooling & Machining Association
NTO Non-Traditional Occupations
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O&M Orientation & Mobility Training for Blind/Visually Impaired DVR clients
OAA Older American Act
OAP Occupational Aptitude Pattern
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OCSE Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement
OEO Office of Economic Opportunity
OES Occupational Employment Survey
OETIS Occupational Employment & Training Information System
OFCC Office of Federal Contract Compliance
OGA Occupational Group Arrangement
OHI Office for the Hearing Impaired
OIC Opportunities Industrialization Center, Milwaukee area
Also: WOIC/NOIC -- Wisconsin or National Occupational Information Center
OJE On-the-Job Evaluation
OJT On-the-Job Training
OM Operations Manager
OMB Federal Office of Management and Budget
ONET Occupational Information Network
(replaces the Dictionary of Occupational Titles)
OOS Order of Selection
OP Overpayment
OPB Office of Policy and Budget
OPRA Office of Program Review and Audit
OSC Office of State Courts
OSER Office of State Employee Relations
OSERS Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative-US. Dept. of Education
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OT Occupational therapy
OW Older Workers - Program and Staff
OWBPA Older Workers Benefit Protection Act
OWN Older Worker Network
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PACT Program for Assertive Community Treatment;
-Mendota Mental Health Institute
PAIR Protection and Advocacy for Individual Rights
PAR DHSS Position Action Request
PARTNER Partners are public and private non-profit organizations that collaborate with DWD in providing services to our customers, the citizens of Wisconsin. DWD often has a contractual relationship with partners that is based on enabling legislation such as W-2 or Child Support.
PASS Plan For Self Sufficiency (Social Security Administration term)
PC Projects Coordinator, Purchasing Coordinator, Personnel Coordinator, Probable Cause
PCC Program Coordinating Committee
PCR Petition For Commission Review
PDCA Painting & Decorating Contractors Association
PDF Portable Document File
PETS Pre-Employment Transition Services
PFR Parental & Family Responsibility Project
PhysDis Physical Disabilities
PICS Private Industry Councils; local organizations under JTPA
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIP Performance Improvement Plan
PL Public Law; Federal term equivalent to session law in Wisconsin
PLC Project Leader Council
PMCA Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association
POA Power Of Attorney
POS Purchase of Services
PPD Performance Planning and Development or Permanent Partial Disability
PR Program Revenue
PRF Program Revenue-Federal
PRO Program Revenue-Other.
PRS Program Revenue - Service
PRWORA Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act
PT Physical Therapy; Permanent total disability
PTI Pathways to Independence
PU Physical Unit
PWD Person with Disabilities
PWDP People with Disabilities Project to design a universally accessible PC workstation
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QA Quality Assurance
QAFI Quality Appraisal of Fraud Investigations
QC Quality Control
QCEW (ES-202) Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages
QTWRS Quarterly Tax Wage Reporting System
R & S Research and Statistics
RA Regional Administrator
RAM Random Access Memory
RCB Rehabilitation Counselor for the Blind
RAPIDS Reengineering Acquisition, Payment and Information Disposition Systems
RAPIDS implements an entirely new automated process for all procurement requests
RCD Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf
RCEP Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program
RDA Records Disposal Authorization
REWARD Rewarding Education with Wages and Respect for Dedication
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposals
RFS Right of First Selection
RFW Rehabilitation for Wisconsin
RID Registered Interpreter for the Deaf
RMDS Report Management Distribution System
RO Requisition On Order
ROM Read Only Memory
RQC Revenue Quality Control
RR Rapid Response
RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration-US. Dept. of Education
RT Rehabilitation Teaching
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