Glossary of Frequently Used Acronyms: G - L

GA General Assistance
GAL General Administrative Letter
GAO US Government Accounting Office
GAR Goals and Accomplishments Review
GATB General Aptitude Test Battery
GCPD Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities
GCSSP Governor's Coordination and Special Services Plan
GED General Educational Development Test; General Equivalency Degree
GEF General Executive Facility
GLITC Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council
GPR General Purpose Revenues
GR General Relief
GSTARS Government Service Tracking and Reporting Systems (also G*STARS) replaced by ASSET
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HAR Hiring Action Report
HH Hard of Hearing
HHS US Department of Health and Human Services
HIP Hearing Impaired Program
HOD Host On-Demand
HRD Human Resources Development
HRIB Human Resource Investment Board
HRS Human Resource System
HSD County human services department
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HUD US Department of Housing & Urban Development
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I&P Interest & Penalty Funds
IA Illegal Alien
IAFC International Association of Fire Chiefs
IAFF International Association of Fire Fighters
IAMAW International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers
IAPES International Association of Personnel In Employment Security
IB Interstate Benefits
IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
ICESA Interstate Conference of Employment Security Administrator
ID Initial Determination
IDEA Individual with Disabilities Education Act
IEP Individualized Educational Program
IJP Intensive Job Placement
IL Independent Living
ILC Independent Living Center
ILTR Industry & Labor Training Representative
IM Income Maintenance, same as public assistance, welfare payments, etc.
IME Independent Medical Exam/Examiner
INFOTech Information Technology Services - a division in the Dept. of Administration
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
IP Internet Protocol address
IPE Individualized Plan for Employment (relating to vocational rehabilitation)
IPS Infoprint Server
IRI Institute on Rehabilitation Issues
IRIS Integrated Rehabilitation Information System
IRWE Impairment-Related Work Expenses
ISP Internet Service Provider
IS Information Services
ISS Informational Services Section
IT Information Technology
IUD Industrial Union Department
IVR Interactive Voice Response
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JAC Joint Apprenticeship Committee
JAD Joint Application Development
JAN Jobs Accommodation Network
JCL Job Control Language
JD Job Development
JIS Job Information Service/Section
JO Job Order
JOBS Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Program
JS Job Service
JSA Job Service Assistant/Analyst
JSD Job Service Directive
JSEC Job Service Employer Council or Committee
JSIP Job Service Improvement Program
JSIS Job Service Information System
JSRS Job Service Resume System
JSS Job Service Specialist
JTP Job Training Plan
JTPA Job Training Partnership Act
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KELS KIDS Electronic Library System
KIDS Kids Information Data System
LAN Local Area Network
LAUS Local Area Unemployment Statistics
LCC Legislative Council Clearinghouse
LD Learning disability; learning disabled
LDW Last Day of Work
LE Labor Exchange
LEA Local Education Agency
LEADS Labor Exchange Automated Delivery System
LEO Local Elected Official
LEP Limited English Proficiency
LID Local Initial Determination
LIHEAP Low Income Energy Assistance Program
LIRC Labor and Industry Review Commission
LMA Labor Market Analyst or Area
LMAC Labor Management Advisory Committee/Council
LMC Labor Management Council
LMI Labor Market Information
LOD Letter of Direction
LPMF Local Personnel Master File
LSB Labor Standards Bureau
LU Logical Unit
LVER Local Veterans Employment Representative
LVS Low Vision Services
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