Cannot Find a DWD Form?

Can't find a form?

If the form in which you are interested is not available on this site, you may contact any of the area forms coordinators listed below.


Please contact the person who is responsible for the program area in which you are interested.

When e-mailing, provide the form number (located on the bottom left corner of the first page of the form), form title, your telephone number and (street) mailing address.

Form Number has a -P in it? It's not a form!

If the form number has a '-p' displayed at the end of the number (example ADM-10000-P), this is a publication.  A publication is defined as providing information and normally does not have blank spaces for insertion of information.

Area Forms Coordinators - Contact Info

Division and Bureau/Office Name 

Form Prefix

Forms Coordinator Telephone Number
Human Resources HRS Alexandra Camarao 608-266-9311
Equal Rights & Labor Standards ERD Jennifer McElroy 608-261-2146 
Unemployment Insurance
Benefit Operations
UCB & UCF Diane King 608-266-0858
Unemployment Insurance
Legal Affairs
UCL Diane King 608-266-0858
Unemployment Insurance
Tax & Accounting
UCT Diane King 608-266-0858
Division of Employment & Training DET Charles Lawson 608-261-6761
Worker's Compensation WKC Lynn Weinberger 608-266-0331
Vocational Rehabilitation DVR Kristina Krizan 608-261-0068
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