Initial Application - Employment Agent's License

Document Number: LS-86-E

Description: This form must be used to apply for an Initial Employment Agent's License.

Comments: All persons who engage in the employment agency business for compensation must have a private employment agency license. Employment agency business includes furnishing information to persons seeking employment which enables or tends to enable the person to secure employment, furnishing information to employers seeking laborers or other help of any kind which enables or tends to enable the employer to secure such help and/or maintaining a register of persons seeking employment or work. A person will be considered to have engaged in the employment agency business regardless of whether that person conducts his business from a fixed location, on the streets or as a transient and whether or not the employment agency business constitutes the persons principal business or merely a sideline or an incident to another business.

Exceptions: (1) Employers who procure help for their own business; (2) temporary help services who do not have a liquidated damages clause in their employment contract; (3) any hiring hall operated by a bona fide labor union; (4) any theatrical or booking agent; (5) any private employment agent that only charges the employer for its services.

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