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Information for DVR Service Providers

Statewide services include: Work Incentive Benefits Analysis, Internship/Temporary Work, Systematic Instruction, Job Preparation, Development and Placement, Supported Employment, Vocational Evaluation, IPS Supported Employment, and Customized Employment.

To provide any of these statewide services, there is an established vetting process and completion of a statewide service agreement is required. Statewide service agreements are completed online. DVR provides many other services to DVR consumers not included in the listing. For information on providing those services please contact your local DVR office.

New Providers

If you are a new agency or person interested in serving DVR consumers as an approved statewide provider, you will need to arrange a face to face interview with the Workforce Development Area Director. Please see Process for New DVR Service Providers and DVR Office Locations.

Existing Providers

Chronological Announcements for DVR Service Providers

2018-2020 DVR Service Agreement Renewal:

A webinar was held on Tuesday April 10, 2018 for DVR Service Providers interested in renewing the DVR Service Agreement for the 2018-20 term.

Service providers were invited to participate in the live webinar or view the recording on their own. The training is required for all DVR Service Providers prior to renewing the DVR Service Agreement.

To access the webinar:

Visit the Service Provider Agreement Renewal training page.

Please Note: The training consists of two recordings (total of 45 minutes) - both are required. The first is an overview of the Service Agreement Renewal Process; the second is a demonstration of how to update the Online Service Provider Account and submit a New Service Agreement for the 2018-2020 term. Transcripts for both recordings are available on the Service Provider Agreement Renewal Training Page.

Questions related to the DVR Service Agreement can be directed to - (608) 266-0177.

Statewide Service Agreements

Statewide Service Fee Structure & Technical Specifications

Best Practice/Guidance

DVR Service Providers

Scanning Information


Talent Acquisition Portal (TAP)

DVR Project Information

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